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What is the Apple Vault?

The purpose of the Apple Vault and the Apple II Document Preservation Project is to preserve the rapidly eroding information about the Apple II computer. These days it is fairly easy to find an Apple II somewhere, somewhat harder to find obscure hardware for the Apple II, but it seems to be quite difficult to find documentation for hardware and software. Many old magazine collections are discarded rather than being preserved.

Preservation is the purpose of the Apple Vault! If you would like to submit a scan of a manual, magazine, original box for any hardware or software, flyers, ads, keychains, or anything related to the Apple II, please contact us! If you have some physical items that you no longer need or would like to donate, please contact us!

The purpose of this site is preservation, but we do not intend to violate copyright. Scans of items will be accepted if an original is contained in the vault. Items which do not have copyright released for posting online will be kept in a private archive until such copyright releases are obtained.

We are also interested in gathering anectodes and stories of the Apple II era and also unreleased documents that still exist, such as source code for commercial applications or tech notes and schematics for pieces of hardware.

If you are or know a copyright holder for ANY apple II related magazine article, book, software, or anything else and are interested in allowing the Apple II community to once again gain access your work, please contact us!

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Magazines in the Vault

The current plan is to eventually make available scans of certain magazines. For now, see the magazines stored in the Vault.


Origin Systems article (PDF) Vol 3 nov-dec 1983 article about new gaming company Origin Systems, plus short interview with Richard Garriott, where he reveals ideas about the upcoming Ultima IV.


Hard Drives

Corvus 11AP manual (PDF)


Novation J-CAT Modem Manual (PDF)


Wasteland, a postnuke RPG from Interplay

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